The oenologist may hold two types of functions : oenologist in winegrowing production (large winegrowing facility, cooperative cellar, trading company) or consultant oenologist (employed in an oenology Center, or Laboratory, or independent consultant)


To tend the vineyard, harvest the grapes, produce, then sell the wine, the winegrower’s job is hard and learning is never ending.  In a country famous for its great “crus” amateurism has no place.

Skilled tractor driver

Multi skilled, the tractor agent is present at all times of the vine and soil cycle. It performs all mechanical tasks,  adjusts and maintains  the equipment, and assess its correct use.

Cellar manager

From the arrival of the grapes in the cellar until the shipping of the bottles, each stage is under the cellar manager’s control. In a cooperative, at a winegrower’s or at a trading company, their level of responsibilities vary according to their level of education.

Pre-qualification for Vineyards Occupations

The Pre-Qualification for Vineyards Occupations prepares to the discovery of Champagne region (general information about the region, the types of grapes, the jobs…) and to the job of vineyard operator (work in the vineyards, preparation to the pruning training, type of canes….) This program lasts one month.

Training for Secretary in the winegrowing/winemaking field

This training for Secretary in the winegrowing/winemaking field is open to persons over 18 , having completed the Baccalaureate Accountancy/Management, or having reached this level, to job seekers, and to employees. It allows the acquisition of knowledge about the winegrowing/winemaking sector : the world of wine and vine, the art of tasting, and the welcoming of customers (cellar visits in French and English). The trainees get 315 training hours at the Center, and 140 in work placement.